Horizon 360


Across the globe, innovations in technology and the processes to implement those technologies are radically reshaping our world. Horizon 360 is an effort to scan the global economy for technologies and processes not in use in Capital Facilities industry with the aim of accelerating identification, visibility and industry development of technologies new to the construction industry by 40%. Examples of such technologies already being tracked include: exoskeletons for construction workers, unmanned Arial Vehicles (UAVs), Telematics, and Robotics.

The purpose of the FIATECH Sector Horizon 360 (H-360) is to seek and identify technology-based solutions and innovative practices that could advance CII sectors. Identified technologies should provide implementable and cost-effective solutions for potentially incremental and breakthrough industry advancements. The subcommittee is expected to be forward thinking and non-restrictive in the recommendations it provides.



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